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Embarking on a quest of financial empowerment for young women.

inherQuests was founded to help young women establish a strong foundation for lifelong financial independence and well-being. They believe that early financial education for girls is key for them to become financially confident and capable women who have the power to create the life they want.

Dina Shoman partnered with Inovat to build a creative, courageous, collaborative, and trustworthy brand that would help her achieve her goal.

We developed the branding, content and strategy, and user experience built on Shopify. The value driver for this site would be through the offering of subscription boxes. These boxes contained fun games and quests that would help teach young women financial empowerment. For the development of these quests we brought in an education consultant to help us craft a K-6th grade curriculum from scratch.

Agency: Inovat
Research and Strategy: Doug Logan/Joshua Buckwalter
Creative Direction: Joshua Buckwalter
Design: Eric Beckman
Copy: Miki DeHaven
inherQuest Hero Image

inherQuests is helping to build a strong foundation for young women. It was important to have something that visually represented the inner journey these young women are beginning along with inherQuests on their way to financial independence.

inherQuests Logo Breakdown
inherQuests Brand Breakdown
inherQuests Brand Stationery

inHerquests needed something that was not only going to help with brand awareness but allow their customers to be able to sign up for their monthly subscription boxes. Shopify had the capability and flexibility that inHerquests needed. So, a custom mobile first theme was designed.

inherQuests Website

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